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Monthly Archives: July 2022

Miami Man Accused Of Human Trafficking

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Many teens are lured by the thought of making a lot of money in a short period of time. So when they are approached by someone who promises large amounts of cash for easy work, of course they want to believe it. They take the person up on their offer, only to find out… Read More »

Pediatrician Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Child Porn

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

While child pornography is an activity shared by people of all ages and all walks of life, it’s not legal. Possessing and even viewing photos and videos of minors engaging in sexually explicit acts is against the law. A pediatrician from Broward County was recently sentenced to eight years in prison for child porn… Read More »

12 Arrested In Undercover Sting Targeting Child Predators

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Florida has some of the toughest laws when it comes to meeting minors for sex. Many adults prey on children online because they think they won’t get caught. They visit online chat rooms and try to coerce children to meet with them for sex. Sometimes they are successful. In some cases, though, a police… Read More »

Salvation Army Director, Teen Arrested On Child Porn Charges

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

What do a teenager and a director of the Salvation Army have in common? Both have recently been arrested for child pornography charges in Florida. It may be shocking that a 17-year-old boy and 69-year-old director of a faith-based charity would be arrested for the same heinous crime, but it happened. The 69-year-old man… Read More »

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