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Tag Archives: Cyberstalking Charges

Florida Man Faces Cyberstalking Charges

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Technology has made our lives easier in many ways. Unfortunately, it has also made it easier to commit crimes. Stalking is an example of a crime that is easy to commit online. Instead of physically following a person, you can now do it online and cause a significant amount of harm. This is called… Read More »

Cyberstalking in Florida: What to Know About This Crime

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Virtually everyone has heard of stalking. You may have seen movies where a man or woman is constantly pursuing another person—typically a love interest. In the past, this was primarily done in person. In the age of technology, however, stalking is much easier. You can now use email, text, social media and the internet… Read More »

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