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Category Archives: Sex Crimes

Many People Arrested for Human Trafficking In Country Illegally

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Human trafficking is something that law enforcement officials are cracking down on in Florida, especially since the state is known for such a crime. There are 4.08 cases per 100,000 people in this jurisdiction. Human traffickers are not picky; anyone of any age will do, although young children are targeted quite often, especially girls… Read More »

71 Men Arrested in Prostitution Sting Before Super Bowl

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

For most people, the Super Bowl means fun, football and yummy food. In normal years (without COVID), the Super Bowl is a huge event, with friends, family members and neighbors coming together to cheer on their favorite teams and engage in camaraderie. For law enforcement officials, though, the football game means crime – specifically,… Read More »

Former NASCAR Driver Rick Crawford Charged with Enticing a Minor

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

By law, adults are to have sex only with adults. When they engage in sexual activity with a person under the age of 18, they can face serious criminal charges. However, many are drawn to the allure of having sex with children. Because they know it is illegal and forbidden, it often makes it… Read More »

Man Arrested After Traveling to Florida to Meet 16-Year-Old Girl

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Technology makes it easy for people of all ages to chat with others, no matter where in the world they are located. Not only is there online dating, but apps for school-age children to discuss topics of interest with other like-minded individuals. Most people use these apps for legitimate purposes, but others use them… Read More »

Florida Man Facing 100 Counts of Child Porn

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Possession of child porn is a common occurrence, particularly in Florida. Many people become addicted to viewing this type of porn. They either are unaware of the legal consequences, or they know but don’t care. Most people who view child porn don’t think that they will ever be caught. However, many people do, and… Read More »

Florida Man Arrested for Sex Trafficking

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Unfortunately, many adults take advantage of children and use them for unsavory purposes, such as for sexual favors. This activity is very common, particularly in states such as Florida, but also illegal. A Florida man has been arrested for engaging in human sex trafficking with a minor. The 26-year-old man from Savannah was arrested… Read More »

Attorney General to Focus on Sex Crimes Involving Minors

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions (the head of the U.S. Department of Justice) has been open about his quest to crack down on crime through harsh punishment. In a speech, Sessions underscored his continued to commitment to bolstering investigations and prosecutions of sex crimes against children. While noting that enhancements in technology are… Read More »

Florida Man Faces 23 Child Porn Charges

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Viewing child porn is a vice that many Florida residents have. Child porn is attractive to many people because it is new and different, but that doesn’t make it right. It is a crime, and if you engage in it, you are likely to get caught. A Florida man did recently get caught for… Read More »

Florida Bus Driver Charged With Child Pornography

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

A school bus driver in Florida is facing 13 charges of possession of child pornography. The 56-year-old Green Cove Springs man was arrested on August 2 after law enforcement found videos and images of child exploitation in the trash at his home. Some of the materials found depicted sadomasochistic abuse of children. The U.S…. Read More »

What is Traveling to Meet a Minor?

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Under Florida law, there are many acts that can constitute child pornography. Even the act of traveling to meet with a minor in an attempt to engage in sexual relations is considered a crime—a second-degree felony, to be exact. The penalties are steep and can affect your life in many ways. Read on to… Read More »

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