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Florida Man Arrested for Cyberstalking

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

In the past, stalking involved physically following a person and showing at their homes and other places they frequent. Stalking is much easier nowadays. With computers, smartphones and tablets prevalent in today’s society, you can easily stalk someone without even leaving your phone. This is called cyberstalking and it can result in serious penalties…. Read More »

11 Men Arrested, Charged in Child Porn Sting

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

If you possess or distribute pornographic images of children and think you’ll never get caught, think again. Investigators often spend months researching and identifying suspects using tips from others. One recent sting in Florida, dubbed Operation Guardians of Innocence II, netted 11 suspects who will face a total of 660 criminal charges for engaging… Read More »

Florida Cyberstalker Faces Charges Weeks Later

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

When a person is charged with a crime, sometimes they learn from it and never reoffend. Others, however, are unfazed and continue to engage in illegal behavior. A Florida man has been arrested again, after being charged with a different crime just two weeks earlier. The 27-year-old Crestview man is facing felony child porn… Read More »

Florida Police Deputy Charged With Child Porn

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Would you believe that a police deputy has been charged with possession of child porn? Such a crime happens more often than you think, and often involves people you would least suspect. Teachers, coaches, bus drivers, prominent government officials and yes, even police officers have been accused and convicted of child porn. A police… Read More »

Florida Landlord Engages in Cyberstalking Via Craigslist

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Craigslist is a great site for buying and selling household items, as well as finding housing and jobs. However, some people use it for unsavory purposes, such as for sex. One Florida man used it to cyberstalk a former tenant who rebuffed his sexual advances toward her. The 51-year-old Lake Worth man was recently… Read More »

Florida Man Facing 100 Counts of Child Porn

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Possession of child porn is a common occurrence, particularly in Florida. Many people become addicted to viewing this type of porn. They either are unaware of the legal consequences, or they know but don’t care. Most people who view child porn don’t think that they will ever be caught. However, many people do, and… Read More »

Florida Man Arrested for Sex Trafficking

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

Unfortunately, many adults take advantage of children and use them for unsavory purposes, such as for sexual favors. This activity is very common, particularly in states such as Florida, but also illegal. A Florida man has been arrested for engaging in human sex trafficking with a minor. The 26-year-old man from Savannah was arrested… Read More »

Gymnastics Coach Faces Multiple Child Porn Charges

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

When parents leave their children in the care of a teacher or coach, they expect that they will be safe. However, with access to child pornography becoming more prevalent in this country—and even this state—authorities are seeing an increase in arrests among those in a position of authority. One local example is a Lakeland… Read More »

Florida Teen Jailed for Possession of Child Porn

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

When you hear about someone being arrested for child porn, you may think of an older adult—like someone in their 30s, 40s or older. Child porn possession, however, is becoming even more widespread. Even though the penalties for getting caught are very strict, people continue to view and distribute it. Even teens are becoming… Read More »

Florida Man Accused of Cyberstalking

By Law Offices of Gilbert A. Schaffnit |

In the past, in order to stalk someone, you had to physically be in their presence. But with the internet, social media and other computer technology, you can now stalk someone from afar. You can do it from the comfort of an electronic device. You don’t need to be in the same city, state… Read More »

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